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Things to be Cautions

Things to be Cautions

Coconut Fleshes

  1. Fleshes open pack by pack. Do not mix together with the old.

  2. After washing, taste and EAT the fleshes. Smell doesn’t help in checking. 

  3. After eating, if found out the normal taste,  flesh is good. 

  4. After eating, if found out sour, take a photo of the flesh together with packing date send to group.

  5. Place back sour flesh to the package, keep inside the freezer, next delivery hand back to HQ for checking.


  1. It’s homemade base Pandan Cendol, green colour is fresh and good. Due to being human made, some kind will have putus cendol.

  2. Cendol in green fresh colour is fresh. 

  3. Day by day cendol colour fades, until a certain bubbles come out then it’s considered rotten already.


  1. The Expiration date can last for 2 weeks.

  2. Milk type fermentation might cause busting in the bottle.

  3. Sticky Texture and taste no more sweet is considered rotten.

Coconut Water

  1. The Expiration date can last for 1 month.

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